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What is a home inspector?

A home inspector is an individual who is trained in inspecting varied aspects of a home, such as (but not limited to) roofing, electrical, foundation, plumbing, HVAC, structural, septic, and water testing.  Some people confuse a home inspector with an appraiser, who looks at a home to determine its market value. The two are very different.  A home inspector gives you a report on the condition of the home, problems it may have, and repairs it may need.

The home inspectors purpose is to look out for the buyer. It is not to advise the buyer whether or not to purchase the home; rather it is to provide the buyer with information so that he or she can feel confident of the decision he or she makes --- one way or another.

Now testing septic and water! Please call for more information. 

Interested in a home inspection?

A client can choose to have only certain areas of concern inspected or to have a more comprehensive inspection performed.  Services can be tailored to fit your needs.

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